Author: Georgi Abbott

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You can find the Ebook at life with an African Grey Parrot seen through the humorous and often twisted mind of his owner, Georgi. Her interesting perspectives on animal intellect and unique insights into nature take the reader on a thought provoking, entertaining and often hilarious ride. The star of the book, Pickles, takes his adventures in stride with wit and charm. Pickles is an intelligent parrot who constantly challenges Georgi to keep up with him, both physically and intellectually. His demanding, outspoken yet fun loving attitude places both himself and his owner in some very amusing, and sometimes embarrassing, situations. Georgi touches a bit on nature, as it pertains to Pickles when he is outside in his aviary - their beautiful yard, trout pond and wild birdlife. She speaks of the trials and tribulations of owning a parrot - diet, behaviour and bird intelligence - but for the most part, this book is about the antics of a parrot who thrives on attention and mischief.Follow Pickles on Face Book