Conscious Home Design

Author: Talor Stewart

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There is a paradigm shift happening in home design. Today's homeowners are more design savvy and demand more than what the old world values represent and deliver. For the Conscious Homeowner, gone are the days when a house is deemed adequate simply because it is built in Z architectural style, has Y number of bedrooms, and X number of square feet.Conscious Homeowners expect more from their homes. They want increased functionality, reduced maintenance, and smaller utility bills. They want a home that maximizes their sense of individual freedom and personal privacy, while at the same time fostering greater family connection. They want highly supportive homes that enhance their lifestyle by removing friction and creating ease and grace.Just as proper diet, exercise and good relationships are essential components of a happy, successful life, so too is proper home design. Conscious Home Design creates momentum in the lives of those who experience it, helping people more readily achieve their noble hopes and dreams, and bright ambitions. When you place the essential parts of life within the context of a consciously designed home, you and your loved ones will be served and supported night and day.

Observe to Unmask

Observe to Unmask by Pushpendra Mehta

Author: Pushpendra Mehta

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Observe to Unmask was declared the winner in the self-help category of the New York City Book Awards 2021.

Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review): "Observe to Unmask: 100 Small Things to Know People Better" by Pushpendra Mehta is a tidy little book with big, helpful insights into the human heart and psyche.

"Pushpendra Mehta has written a must-read book for anyone on a quest to understand people better, including themselves, and benefit from these insights for a happier and more fulfilling life...Read this book - and learn from one of the best."
- Stacey Chillemi, Founder of The Complete Herbal Guide, Writer, Huff Post and Thrive Global

Know People Quickly and Accurately.

Pushpendra Mehta, writer, marketer, and mentor, has been an observer of human behavior all his life. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's memorable fictional detective character, Sherlock Holmes, Pushpendra realized people drop subtle clues to their true nature, which is often hidden behind masks. The more he watched and studied, the better able he was to discern who people truly were.

In 2019, he answered a question-"What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?"-that was posted on Quora, a popular question-and-answer website. His answer received over 1 million views. This unexpected response led him to write Observe to Unmask, in which he explains what we can learn about people based on their conversations (including social media posts), interests, behavior, emotions, thoughts, and more.

Packed with intriguing insights, Observe to Unmask is useful in understanding not only the people in our personal and professional lives, but can act as a guide for self-reflection and improvement. Short and easy to read, it is a book you will turn to again and again, always finding something new and worthwhile.

Observe to Unmask will sharpen your ability to draw conclusions quickly and accurately from the smallest observations. It will help you develop positive relationships or harmonious associations that work for you and make you happier; assist you in comprehending an individual's backstory; prevent you from being exploited, abused, manipulated, or lied to; and aid you in distancing yourself from negative or toxic people.

The Retirement Secret

The Retirement Secret by Pat Strubbe

Author: Pat Strubbe

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Ready to make retirement planning a lot less stressful?

Pat Strubbe is the master of story-based retirement planning. His last bestselling book taught America how to defeat the seven retirement villains using the oldest and most engaging teaching method in the world: storytelling.

Now, in The Retirement Secret, he introduces the three retirement mentors, teaching you how to understand your finances and plan your retirement before you get there.

If you’re like most people, you’re facing the looming specter of retirement on your own, in what Pat calls the do-it-yourself retirement system.

You’re not sure you’ll ever have enough money to retire, and you’re concerned that you won’t know how to make that money last as long as it needs to.

The Retirement Secret will set your mind at ease, answering your questions in a fun, easy-to-read story that you won’t want to put down.

Raised in a Bottle

Author: Kristina Hermann

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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FREE yourself from a childhood with alcoholismGrowing up in a family with alcohol abuse can leave you significantly scarred as an adult.The addiction robbed you of a caring, nurturing, secure and playful childhood, forcing you to become an adult too early.A lack of attention and compassion stifled your ability to grow into a whole person. As an adult, you might experience personal and professional problems related to feelings of abandonment or loneliness, relationship problems, low self-esteem, unhealthy coping strategies, and lack of clear boundaries.If you have felt traumatized, anxious, and depressed throughout your life, this is the book for you.Through in-depth chapters and exercises, you will:· Understand how families are shaped by alcohol addiction· Gain insight into how trauma affects your body and your mind· Learn how to build your self-esteem and become aware of your own feelings· How to identify unhealthy patterns and relationships and break free of them· Reshape your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your futureThis book offers extensive insight into the dynamics and consequences of growing up with addiction.It provides the help and compassion that addiction stole from you when you were a child. In short, Raised in a Bottle offers new hope for reclaiming your own life.

When Communities Disappear

Author: Veronica Smith

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Over the past several decades, it has grown increasingly clear that many of the United States’ policies and practices created for the purpose of improving the economic conditions and environments of the poor and marginalized are no longer working. In some instances, it appears that such policies have never worked. This begets the question: Who is best suited to determine the needs of the poor and who is obligated to support and sustain those needs?Economic, political, religious, and social policies are complex. They can also be dangerous when abused or misunderstood. When this occurs, the abuse and misunderstandings can have people advocating and fighting for things they don’t really believe or truly desire. What do I mean? Community revitalization ideologies and policies are built around people and the environment. Such policies have historically been shaped around the perceived needs of poor people. What many people do not realize or have never stopped to consider is that these policies that impact the lives of many people have been constructed from a melting pot of individuals, of people with vastly differing agendas, beliefs, experiences, and opinions—ideologies.Furthermore, when it comes to things such as displacement, eviction, and gentrification, there are typically three common factors, no matter where on the globe the community may be: poverty, politics, and policy. There is always more to the story than what the average observer may think. The backstory is what ultimately set the stage for this book.

Learn, Improve, Master


Author: Nick Velasquez

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Develop the power to learn and master any skill.Do you dream of excelling at a sport, music, art, cooking, writing, public speaking, or anything else? Learn, Improve, Master will help you make that dream a reality.Through a combination of learning science and strategies used by world-class performers, this guide will teach you what it really takes to master a skill (no, it isn’t talent or 10,000 hours). You will learn HOW TO:Use your memory like top memory champions and remember anything you want Optimize practice like elite musicians, chess players, and athletesBuild training habits that stickOvercome obstacles, setbacks, and plateausChoose mentors and coaches that will help you develop your potentialAccelerate learning and become a master of your craftFeaturing examples and words of wisdom from Leonardo da Vinci, Usain Bolt, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jordan, Garry Kasparov, Simone Biles, Stephen King, Michael Phelps, Martha Graham, Tiger Woods, Jiro Ono, Serena Williams, and many more.