The Space in Between

The Space in Between by Signe Myers Hovem

Author: Signe Myers Hovem

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Are you highly sensitive? Empathetic? Empathic? An empath? The Space in Between captures the essence of what it means to live as an empath—and demonstrates how an ordinary person can open up to living an extraordinary life. Longtime spiritual counselor and seasoned guide Signe Myers Hovem takes readers on a journey through her life, demystifying empathic receptivity and revealing that it is not a “gift” or “power” but a feature of one’s sensory perception and intuition, an ability that allows us to live in extended communication with nature and humanity. She elucidates the difference between having empathic traits and sensitivities and actually having the skills and abilities of an empath. And she explores the five different landscapes and fields of consciousness that provided her with insight and movement as she traveled her own path of discovery—Field of Reflection, Field of Definition, Field of Sensing, Field of Awareness and Experience, and Field of Mystery—helping readers to dismantle long-held beliefs, illuminating the intentional path towards balance and belonging, and encouraging us all to rediscover what it means to live a truly authentic life.
Written for persons who identify as highly sensitive, as empathic, or as empaths, The Space in Between is a road map to cultivating both self-awareness and connectivity with the greater world.


Author: Sophia Halima Taylor

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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To buy the color version that is shown in the video and photos at the bottom of this page, click on "See all formats and editions".Would you like to create beautiful plant hangers, wall hangings, baskets and necklace models to add charm to your home?Would you like to take a moment of relaxation and learn how to create the four most popular macramé patterns used by professional designers?And, would you like to do it on a small budget and in less than one week?If the answer to that is yes, keep reading.Macrame 101: Your chance to create the trending home decor of the year with your OWN hands!

The simplest yet most detailed guidebook that tutors you on how to create stunning macrame decor with your own hands.And best of all, it's beginner-friendly. You can create plenty of home decor models out of simple rope without any prior background!

It’s back, people!The bohemian art of the 1970s has been Instagrammed back to popularity by the millennials, and it's adding a beautiful, bohemian touch to houses, studio apartments, condos, and villas across the world.For those who are new to bohemian art, macrame is a crafting technique of knotting strings in patterns to create artistic decor like plant holders, wall hangings, baskets, dreamcatchers, pendants and more.

In fact, this art has caught the entire world by storm for two reasons:

1- Adds an unconventional, unique and personalized touch to your home (After all, would you really want to fashion your home...the most intimate space in your life…with store-bought stuff that’s produced in mass?)


It’s therapeutic:

Countless people across the globe are feeling more centered and relaxed with the Me-Time they can enjoy through macrame. Moreover, scientific studies have confirmed this hobby comes with stress-alleviating and anxiety-relieving effects!

After all, weren’t you too looking for a me-time DIY project that takes your eyeballs off your phone for a while?You can do it on a lazy Sunday afternoon (Don’t you get tired of randomly scrolling your friend’s Instagram?)...Or wing it while you are riding the subway (Seriously, eyes off the phone please..!)Macrame 101 is just the gift you need to give yourself!The book contains step-by-step guidance to create 5 of the most popular macrame models:

- Plant Hangers- Plant Hangers ( Wall Hanging Type)- Wall Hangings- Pendant Necklaces-Baskets


Macrame 101 is created by Sophia Halima Taylorr, an expert artist who provides a contemporary twist on how to master this addictive art hobby DOWN TO THE VERY LAST DETAIL - The tips and tricks included in this copy will make you an expert in handling the best macrame projects within weeks!In this digital-obsessed world where being busy is a lifestyle, you need some therapeutic me-time.And your home needs some serious decor revamp that’s more personalized, classy and minimalistic.Ready to do this?Most of our buyers' personal favorite is the macrame wall hanging. It's easy to create, adds a tinge of bohemian personality to the room, and you can find it on page 23!Explore that and many more home decor ideas through Macrame 101! Grab your copy today...and start creating!

Discover Crochet Yarn Art

Author: Genevieve Ann Christeson

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Master the art of crochet and channel your inner creativity through vibrant patterns and easy-to-master techniques.

There's a certain appeal to hobbies that let you make extraordinary objects out of simple things – and crocheting easily dominates this creative DIY space.

One of the most popular crafts enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life – including celebrities – crocheting hits that sweet spot of being the perfect productive pastime that is unbelievably affordable.

And this art – honed with time and expanded by various cultures – offers more than just an outlet for your creativity. Along with the feelings of happiness and pride, this simple craft has been reported to benefit people in many ways, such as:

? Giving a sense of accomplishment? Reducing stress and anxiety? Improving self-esteem and self-confidence also opens you up to a secondary source of income – you can sell your crochet projects to earn money.

Not bad for a hobby, right?But if there’s a hint of doubt in your mind that, having never picked up a hook, you will get lost in the threads, then no need to worry. In this guide modeled for beginners, you’ll embark on a journey to bring out your inner crochet wizard as you discover:

? Crochet Art 101 – prime yourself with the absolute basics and master techniques stitch-by-stitch in a highly detailed yet friendly way? A brief history of the origins of crochet and various cultures that influenced it into its modern avatar? The surprising benefits of crocheting – from stress relief to an increase in productivity and focus, including business opportunities as a side hustle!? An accessible, easy-to-use guide to deciphering the challenging crochet patterns and various techniques (along with a handy symbol chart)? 7 essential stitches to practice and master, with several unique stitch patterns to spice up your projects? A comprehensive tools and materials list to help you get started right away (from crochet hooks to yarn types and more)? 11 easy-to-crochet patterns, from fashion staples like scarves to household items and even Amigurumi toys!

And much more.This deeply rewarding hobby is perfect to not only help you stay relaxed and mindful, but also allows you to express your artistic side through deeply creative yet practical projects. What’s more, the guide also comes with clear instructions and tips for left-handed crafters.

If you’re ready to dive into the vibrant, satisfying, and creative world of crochet, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now!

The Dehydrated Gardener

Author: Wes Tillman

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Do you want to discover the secrets of drought-proofing your lawn? Do you want to become an expert on “super” plants native to your desert climate? Do you want to save time, money and water on your landscape without sacrificing on curb appeal?

According to a 2021 study from the IPCC, conditions of extreme drought are 1.7x more likely than they were 100 years ago. That is, at any given time we are nearly twice as likely to be experiencing an extreme drought than our desert-dwelling ancestors had a century ago. And this problem is not trending in the right direction. NASA warned in a recent study: megadroughts (or droughts which last 10 years or more) will increase in likelihood from 12% (in 2015) to more than 60% by the year 2050.

Though drought conditions can impact so many areas of our lives, the beauty and diversity of our lawns does not have to be one of them.

As desert landscaper Steve Martino says: “It’s taken native plants a million years to get it right. Why fight it?”*************************In this book, you will discover:

The drought-tolerant, low-water super plants specific to your desert regionThe most effective methods of turf removal to make room for more water-conscious ground covers (including the method I ALWAYS use myself)The secrets to companion planting in the desertHow to cultivate a self-sufficient homestead even in the harshest desert conditionsThe hardscapes, accents and decorations that will take your outdoor space to the next levelA can’t-miss month-to-month planting guide for each desert regionThe simple landscaper tricks to making your new landscape thrive for years and years to comeHow subtraction leads to addition when it comes to xeriscaping

Just imagine for a moment how happy you will be when you arrive at your home after a long day of errands to find a vibrant, colorful, native plant oasis even in times of extreme drought. It certainly beats a crusty, brown and dehydrated lawn that just simply can’t get the water it needs. And, of course, looks aren’t everything. You’re going to be thanking yourself when you get your water bill every month. A study in California showed that residents who xeriscaped their yard saved an average of 120 gallons

per day

! And in Phoenix, the city found that a xeriscaped, native desert yard conversion saved homeowner’s as much as 76% per month in water usage. In times of extreme drought we all know how expensive water can get, so this book is going to put some serious money back in your pocket!

Best of all, this guide is so easy to follow that you can become a desert plant expert and gardening genius even if you’ve never been able to keep a plant alive for longer than 2 weeks. “The Dehydrated Gardener” is going to fix that!

If you want to save time, money and water AND get a landscape that takes your friends’ breath away, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button.

The Writer’s Process

Author: Anne Janzer

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Do you know your best writing process? Do you trust it?

Writing isn’t a single skill—it combines mental processes and activities ranging from idea generation to polishing and publishing. It’s a process that may look slightly different for each of us.

The strongest writers develop and trust a process that works for them at every stage of the work.

When we ignore the process, we get stuck—waiting for inspiration or beating ourselves up for not finding the time to write.

This book guides you through understanding your own best process, whether you’re creating prose or poetry, and whether you write for work, school, fun, or profit.

Master the Inner Game of Writing

The Writer’s Process combines the proven practices of successful authors with cognitive science research about how our minds work.

In these pages, you’ll find:

Why waiting for inspiration doesn’t work (and how to build creativity into your writing life)Strategies for making time to write in a busy, interrupt-driven lifeHow to get over the initial anxiety of the blank page and make reliable progressWhat to do if writer’s block shows up

Find out why so many writers have found this award-winning book helped them improve their creativity and productivity—and then get started on your own best process.

The Writer's Process is a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Silver Medal winner.

Pacific Northwest Edible Plant Foraging and Medicinal Plants

Author: Edwin Spraggins

Category: Hobbies, Crafts and DIY

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Discover all the edible wild plant species of the Pacific Northwest, learn how to identify and forage them in respect of the territory, and reduce spending on unhealthy and expensive foods.

Would you like to take advantage of all that your local area has to offer to live a healthier life in touch with nature?Do you wish to know how to prepare at home medicines from herbal plants?Would you like to reduce the consumption of traditional prescription drugs and enjoy the benefits of herbs and medicinal plants while also saving money?Would you like to learn about delicious recipes that use wild plants collected by you personally?

If you answered “YES”, then this is the book you've been looking for!

Foraging for food and medicinal herbs in natural environments has become increasingly fashionable. With more people becoming interested in making healthier food choices and using different herbal home remedies for common ailments, using fresh, local, and organic ingredients has gone from a niche pastime to a primary way of life for many.

The term "foraging" describes discovering and collecting edible items and medicinal plants from the wild, such as clams, mussels, mushrooms, nuts, berries, plants, and herbs.

“Pacific Northwest Edible Plant Foraging and Medicinal Plants” is divided into two sections and provides all the details regarding the Pacific Northwest's edible and medicinal plants.

In the first section you will discover:

How to recognize the edible parts of wild plants and how to use them to treat yourself or in cookingHow to harvest wild plants and what is the right time to do itA guide to sacred indigenous plants and how tribes and indigenous peoples have always used themDelicious recipes that you can prepare with the plants you have collected near your homeAnd much more!

In the second section you will find:

A comprehensive guide to medicinal plants and their beneficial effects on your healthTechniques suggested by the most experienced for identifying and foraging medicinal herbsHow to use medicinal plants at home to heal yourself naturally and reduce the use of prescriptive drugsTips on what you will find locally in each seasonAnd much more!

This book is a detailed guide that will be of great use to you and your family, and it's perfect as a gift.

Don't contemplate! Get your copy right now and start a new journey of foraging herbs and plants.