Author: Jessica Hawke

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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High school is hard. Throw in vengeful ghosts and it’s a nightmare.All I want is a normal, quiet life. I don’t want to be the prom queen or cheer captain or valedictorian. I’d be fine with a respectable C average and ride out my high school years in the middle of the pack. Unfortunately, after the car accident that killed my sister, any chance I had at being normal was buried with her. One bad reaction to anesthesia and a jump-start to my heart later, I now have the dubious gift of seeing the restless dead. Now I spend my days juggling homework and helping gloomy ghosts find closure.But the tenuous balance I’ve found comes crashing down when I meet the enraged ghost of a missing girl from my school. Given that I'm the only one who sees her, there's one mystery solved. She’s not missing anymore, and she wants me to find her killer before he strikes again.It won’t be easy. Everyone thinks she’s a runaway, and with no body, there’s no murder for the police to investigate. And to make it worse, her killer has years of practice at hiding his messes, and doesn’t take kindly to me poking around his closet for skeletons. He’s ready to strike again, and if I’m not careful, I’ll be his next target.