Author: Shalini Boland

Category: Science Fiction

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‘WOW!! Where to even start?!?... I started reading this morning and finished it in a few hours…Completely blind-sided by THAT ending!!...Every single time I told myself I'd finish the chapter and then put it down and every single time I was left with a cliff hanger refusing to allow me to put it down…Absolutely mind blown!!!’ Bookworm86, ?????Sixteen years ago, Britain was ripped apart by riots. Now the country is splintered and there are only small pockets of civilisation. I’ve never set foot past the high-security walls built by my father and my only knowledge of what exists beyond are rumours of wild landscapes and violent people… Until now.When a stranger from the outside manages to find a way into our compound, and my little sister Skye is found dead. Then and there, I make a vow to do anything to catch her killer. My best friend, daring and smart Luc, promises to help me and together we race into the pitch-black night, leaving everything we knew behind.Following the dirt track road, we’re faced with danger at every turn and savage outsiders try to take our supplies, our vehicle, our lives. But I know I can rely on Luc, and with only each other, my feelings for him grow stronger.Just when we think we’re close to finding out what happened to my sister, we’re captured by figures wearing dark, hooded cloaks and taken to a fortress where children have been brainwashed by their terrifying leader James Grey. We’re completely trapped.But then I realise something that changes everything: this place is connected to my sister’s killer. And other children are in danger too. This quest is bigger than I could have ever imagined, and I know now that if we don’t stop James Grey, it won’t just be my life on the line, but the future of the whole world as we know it…From USA Today bestselling author Shalini Boland comes a completely unputdownable, irresistible dystopian fiction novel of love and survival that will keep you flipping the pages until the end. Perfect for fans of Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games and Kiera Cass.What readers are saying about the Outside series:‘I LOVED this book… Terrific… Non-stop twists and turns…Such a fun, exciting and fast paced read that it's hard to put down!’@book_brilliance_xo,?????‘Just WOW!!... Extremely gripping...I would have never in a million years suspected that ending!!! An absolute page-turner… Had me hooked throughout and there wasn't a chance I was going to put it down!!! I ended up devouring it in a several hour sitting…Clear your schedules and get ready to lose several hours of your day getting hooked on this absolutely explosive start to an epic series!!!... Absolutely fantastic… Amazing!!’Bookworm86,?????‘Wow. Just wow… Oh. my gawd… An epic story of love, life, survival and family… you will be glued to the pages reading…A proper dystopian read of five-star proportions! One I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I absolutely love it!’ Goodreads reviewer, ?????‘WOW… fantastic… I couldn’t put it down and I certainly didn’t want it to end… Had me sitting on the edge of my seat.’ Goodreads reviewer, ?????‘AMAZING!!… I just couldn't put it down… Fast paced from the very beginning… I would read late at night desperate to know what was going to happen… Brilliant!’ Goodreads reviewer, ?????