Author: D.S. Murphy

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Beneath the Waves, Secrets Await: Dive into a Mysterious World of Romance, Magic, and MermaidsAn ancient civilization, brooding under the ocean depths. A forgotten race of witches, with dwindling supplies of magic.And I’m the spark that will consume them both.My move to Ireland was supposed to be a fresh start. Instead, it's become a countdown to disaster. With the tragic loss of my parents and a series of chilling murders, death seems to be my new shadow. As I pry open the cryptic chapters of my mother's hidden past, I'm caught in a whirlpool of intrigue, danger, and undeniable attraction to two enigmatic men - Sebastian, with his inexplicable abilities, and Ethan, a local heartthrob rumored to dabble in dark magic.Strange new powers are awakening within me. My identity, my place in this world, they're all adrift in a sea of confusion. But I must anchor myself quickly. If I can't unearth the truth behind my mother's flight from Ireland, or figure out who keeps trying to kill me, this wave of devastation will wash away humanity.Mermaids are Real... And They're Not Here to Play? Fairy-tales aren't always harmless.? Mythology isn't just a story.? Magic pulses with life and dread.? The monsters are far too real.Now, I'm the target of immortals, the prey of wizards, and a pawn in a supernatural war I didn't sign up for. I might be the only hope to stem the tide, but it could cost me the one thing my heart can't stand to lose.Hear the Siren Call of Readers"A brooding supernatural thriller with a touch of murder and mystery. The romance had me glued to every page." -USA Today Bestselling Author Leia Stone"This book called my soul and I answered with all my heart...A love story as big as the ocean, secrets that are unraveled and a lot of excitement. Wow - no words. Read the book, you won't be disappointed." -Amazon Review ?????"Mere folk, magic, monsters, and romance detailed out in a very crisp, twisted, and complex story that will keep you up reading this one until the very end." -Amazon Review ?????"A thrilling urban fantasy romance set in Ireland. The story revolves around Irish mythology and the clash between an ancient race of witches and the merrow (mermaids), who are preparing to wipe out civilization. Fans of Percy Jackson, Nancy Drew and Twilight will love this epic adventure that keeps you guessing till the last page." ?????"Not just another Twilight - even though we do have sparkly mermaids instead of sparkly vampires. Although it's written for young adults, as a mainstream adult I found the story entertaining and readable, and even subscribed to the author's site to get the next installment as well as his other books." ?????"The author's writing and editing is impeccable, and his research is substantial. I feel like I'm at the exotic locales described. His backstory and science behind the mermaid phenomenon is solidly explained and more than adequate to suspend my disbelief. The author also presents a lot of this backstory as not an info-dump, so kudos for that." ?????Dive into the Depths of this YA Mermaid NovelShearwater is a young adult mermaid novel that will captivate lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witches, Irish mythology, supernatural folklore, and, of course, mermaids.Updated Title: This is the first book of the Ocean Depths Series, which has a new title and cover. If you're looking for the sequel to Shearwater, hold your seahorses - this isn't it! But stay tuned, it's coming soon.Book 1: Mermaids of Song and TideBook 2: Mermaids of Salt and SwordBook 3: Mermaids of Fin and Flame