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? BOOK 1 - The Way to Self Sufficiency: 5 shocking reasons to be self sufficient, how to select the ideal plot of land and turn your mini farm into a source of income and freedom? BOOK 2 - The Garden: the 7-step method for growing the garden of your dreams, the most effective natural fertilizers, and how to deal with natural disasters? BOOK 3 - The Family Orchard: create and manage your orchard, from planning to harvesting, pruning to grafting. Enjoy fresh, delicious fruit year-round? BOOK 4 - Breeding: the secrets to raising and protecting farm animals, from chickens to cows, and producing delicious milk and cheese, even with little space to spare? BOOK 5 - Beekeeping: master the art of beekeeping, avoid common mistakes and learn how to produce honey and other products safely (and legally).? BOOK 6 - Hunting and Fishing: read prints like a real detective, learn all about equipment and ammunition, and discover all the techniques you’ll need? BOOK 7 - Foraging: eat healthily and avoid getting sick from food contaminated with GMOs, pesticides, and glyphosate by harvesting wild plants? BOOK 8 - A Life Without Waste: 90+ useful tips and recipes for saving money, with and without supermarkets? BOOK 9 - Off Grid Solar Power: make, install, and maintain your solar power system error-free and independently? BOOK 10 - Little Survival Guide: the 17 essential skills to survive in any situation, from the most common to the most extreme.

If you want to be independent and self-sufficient, even in the event of a natural disaster or global crisis...

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