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?BONUS VIDEO COURSE 1 - How to Become Self Sufficient in just 12 months? BONUS VIDEO COURSE 2 - Beekeeping On a Budget: how to build your own beehive for less than $100? BONUS VIDEO COURSE 3 - Off Grid Solar Power: how to get your off-grid solar permits and easily pass final inspection without any stressAnd 4 incredible Bonus e-books too.More and more enlightened people are deciding to escape the trappings of modern life and the grip of corporate utilities.They are looking to rely only on themselves to achieve self-sufficiency and create a safe haven for their family.So they search for reliable information to set up essential DIY No Grid Survival infrastructure...... but then they give up because they come across superficial ideas and generic advice that just cannot be applied in real life.The good news is that the book "No Grid Survival Projects Bible - 10 Books in 1" is that beacon that guides you to true independence.This is because it really shows you how to achieve a level of self-sufficiency that allows you to survive and thrive without government or big corporates.

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? You want to wake up every morning knowing you have the knowledge power to rely on yourself no matter what: grow your own food, tap into your own source of clean water, generate your own energy, build and maintain your own shelter? You want to look your loved ones in the eye with the confidence of someone who knows how to protect and provide for them in any circumstance? You want to say goodbye to all that sketchy information you find online and instead own a reliable handbook that shows you the step-by-step process for all your No Grid Survival Projects without spending a fortune

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? How to build your own refuge away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and power it with clean renewable energy that you yourself have generated? The most effective way to make your land work for you, producing fruits, vegetables, and meat year-round, and ensuring your food autonomy no matter what happens? How to set up a system for clean water on command by collecting, filtering and purifying rainwater... even when the rest of the world is dry? Everything you need to know about the fundamental disciplines that enable you to survive, thrive and be ready for anything, even in the event of a global crisis.? Projects for farming, ranching, hunting and fishing, foraging, beekeeping...…and much, much more!If you want to be independent and self-sufficient even in the event of a natural disaster or global crisis…… able to protect yourself and your family even if you have little experience with prepping and your land seems small…… Then click the "Buy Now" button and break free.