Author: E.J. Wheatley

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Meet Murphy and the Frog Orchestra, your child’s new favorite bedtime story!A mysterious sound draws Murphy out of his warm and cozy bed. What could it be? A grunting pig, a hooting owl? A howling wolf on the prowl? A laughing fox, the first loud mouse? A radio left on inside a house? Join Murphy the three-legged dog as he ventures out into the starry night to investigate.It’s a fresh, quirky take on the classic bedtime story, perfect for:Children who ask a lot of questions or have trouble falling asleep (so, most of them!)Parents who grew up reading modern classics by Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein and watching '90s NickelodeonGifting to early readers for birthdays and special occasionsMother's Day gifts or Father's Day gifts to new parentsWritten in lyrical rhyming prose, the book begs to be read aloud together and is the perfect choice for early readers working on pronunciation. The immersive illustrations (rendered in real acrylic paint!) add depth and warmth to the story, encouraging readers to linger on each page and inhabit Murphy’s world for just a little longer.Murphy and the Frog Orchestra packs a lot into 37 pages: a curious and adventurous doggy hero, a late-night moonlit adventure, a discovery of stunning sounds under the stars, a community of new farm animal friends, and a vibrant dreamscape.Join our three-legged protagonist, Murphy the dog, as he explores themes of:Curiosity and adventureImagination and creativityCommunity and friendshipSolitude and restDon't let Murphy make the journey alone! Grab your copy of Murphy and the Frog Orchestra today.