Author: Dea Marx

Category: General Nonfiction

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Are you struggling as you pursue a doctoral degree?

Mentor Me Please is a comprehensive guidebook for doctoral students who are looking to create their own mentoring communities. A mentorship community is vital for gaining access to insider knowledge, building network connections, and creating a deep sense of belongingness necessary to successfully earn a doctoral degree. This book offers practical advice and actionable strategies for establishing a community of mentors that will help students overcome challenges and find joy while pursuing a doctoral degree.

Whether you’re struggling with time management, feeling isolated, or simply need guidance and support from experienced professionals, Mentor Me Please will show you how to create and sustain a community that meets your specific needs. From identifying your purpose and motivation, to selecting the right mentors, to developing a plan for sustained success, this book covers every aspect of building a strong effective mentoring community.

Inside, you’ll discover:

The importance of mentorship and how it can impact your academic and professional successHow to overcome common barriers and create a culture of support and collaborationStrategies for identifying potential mentors and building meaningful relationshipsTips for leveraging the strengths of your community to achieve your academic and professional goalsTechniques for enriching your mentoring relationships and staying engaged with your community over the long-term

Mentor Me Please is a must-read for any doctoral student who is looking to enhance their academic experience and achieve their full potential. With this book as your guide, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to create a supportive mentorship community that will help you succeed both in completing your degree and advancing professionally.

Dr. Marx offers the knowledge that you need in creating a supportive mentoring community that will motivate you to pursue your goal. To find out more, get your copy now!