Author: Richard Medcalf

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Your future success as a leader depends on your ability to extract yourself from operational minutiae and make time for strategic activity.If you’re having trouble getting out of the weeds, you don’t need a new productivity trick. You need to begin a deeper leadership journey to address four core factors – Tactics, Influence, Mindset and Environment (T.I.M.E.).Richard Medcalf, an advisor to some of the world’s most accomplished CEOs, reveals the secrets to becoming a more strategic leader, and offers a complete set of strategies to help you elevate your focus. Learn how to:clarify on your most important strategic activitiesbuild a robust plan to quickly free up timewin over your key stakeholdersaddress the beliefs that are keeping you in busyworkcreate a culture of focus across your entire teamand much more.Making TIME for Strategy will radically change how you think about your path to leadership impact, and give you practical tools to move you away from incremental progress and closer to breakthrough results.Richard Medcalf has provided a wonderful kick in the rear for any of us to stop and rethink our priorities and has provided a menu of effective and easy ways to help us implement them. The better (and busier) you are, the better this book could get you to be.~ David Allen (Author of the international bestseller, Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress-Free Productivity)“Fast-paced and well-designed … strong, intensely readable, convincing.”~ Kirkus Independent Book Reviews“Medcalf has made time management theory approachable and actionable, paving the way for breakthrough impact from the individual level to the scope of the company and its entire culture."~ Ali Fenn (formerly President, ITRenew)“One of the most useful and powerful books I have read in years. Are you too busy? Then make time to read this practical roadmap. I’ve been in business for longer than I care to remember and I found myself making notes and thinking how I could make more time for strategic projects. You should do the same.”~ David Cleevely CBE (Co-Founder, Cambridge Angels)“Read this book and get inspired to change. You’ll find clear steps and straight-forward tools to help assess and define your roadmap to spending more time on what is important.”~ Christopher Traggio (CEO, Voo)“Richard’s super power is helping you see what you can't, then helping you 10x your strengths while being aware of what's holding you back. Through his own vulnerability, authenticity, and humour he sheds a pragmatic light on how to take back control of our most precious resource....time.”~ Kelly Manthey (CEO, Kin+Carta)“Reading Richard Medcalf’s ‘Making Time for Strategy’ was the best investment I have made in recent years. I was thrilled by this extremely useful and comprehensive approach on how to avoid drowning in operational issues and focus on your highest value activities instead. Fun to read and full of spot-on analysis and real-life examples.”~ Jean-Baptiste Lucas (CEO, McPhy)