Author: Jamie Gehring

Category: General Nonfiction

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One woman’s haunting sixteen-year account of her youth when she and her family lived closer than anyone to Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.
why, how, she recalls what were once innocent memories and odd circumstances that become less puzzling in hindsight.
know your neighbor?
Praise for Madman in the Woods
“Combining the observations of a one-time close neighbor with extensive research and empathy for the many lives affected, Jamie Gehring’s book might well be the best attempt yet to understand the strange life and mind of my brother, Theodore J. Kaczynski.” —David Kaczynski,?author of?Every Last Tie: The Story of the Unabomber and His Family
“A captivating look at Ted Kaczynski—the Unabomber—from a perspective that no one else on the planet has.?It is insightful, unique, and fascinating!? A must read for all true crime fans and anyone who loves to know the real story behind the story.” —Jim Clemente, retired FBI supervisory special agent/profiler and writer/producer of the Audible Original Series Where the Devil Belongs