Author: Linda Hopkins

Category: Fantasy

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The greater the love, the greater the trials.

For Keira, life cannot be any more perfect, but Aaron’s past is making him doubt both himself and his love for his new wife. When the prince requests Aaron’s aid in dealing with a rogue dragon in the city, their love is put to the test as events sweep Keira and her sister, Anna, into a terrifying ordeal.

Anna longs to find her own happily-ever-after, but the only man paying her any attention is Max, Aaron’s clansman. Handsome and confident, Max meets Anna’s withering scorn head-on, causing sparks to fly. But her loathing of Max is quickly forgotten when she becomes ensnared in dragon dealings that endanger her life.

Will the events that Keira and Anna have to face at the hands of Aaron’s greatest enemy lead them to happiness, or destroy their lives forever?

Loved by a Dragon is the second book of The Dragon Archives.