Author: Walter Grant

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Planning to start an LLC of your own? Don’t begin until you know about these costly mistakes.

Do you know what makes banks less likely to give you a business loan?

Or what kind of information your state will penalize you for if you don’t report it each year?

What about the risks to your personal assets if you don’t properly structure your company?

These are just a few examples of the innocent mistakes many people make when starting an LLC. 

But they’re peanuts next to what’s possibly the most common mistake among business owners — not knowing the ins and outs of LLCs before forming one.

Without a basic understanding of what goes into launching and running an LLC, you could end up wasting thousands of dollars fixing even the smallest mistakes.

What specifically should you know before you start?

This is just one of the key questions covered in this book. 

Based on the author’s own experience starting his own businesses, it shows you not only which mistakes to avoid but also tips for managing your LLC successfully once it’s up and running.

Here’s a small fraction of what you’ll find inside this book:

How to start your LLC in just 6 easy steps, and what to know before you begin the processAn all-too-common pitfall among owners that chokes business growth (plus, 4 other first-timer mistakes to avoid when forming your LLC)How to know whether you really need an LLC, and 5 alternative routes you can take to forming a businessThe 9 key documents every LLC owner needs to keep track of to stay out of trouble with the lawA simple method for finding strangers to invest in your business without meeting face-to-face (you might be surprised just how easy this is to do on your own)5 deciding questions to ask yourself before you form an LLC (and the very first thing you should do immediately after you’ve formed your LLC)Why it might be better to have your business taxed as a corporation, and two different types of corporations to consider based on your situationHow to choose the right structure for your business — it all depends on these 9 factorsThe one condition that allows you to skip paying taxes as an LLC (most other business entities don’t offer this special tax benefit)

And much more!

Specifically written for beginners, this book clears out a simple and easy-to-follow roadmap for starting and managing your LLC completely from scratch. 

By the end, you’ll know how to choose the right type of LLC… what kinds of paperwork you need to file… and which first steps to take after forming.

So even if you’ve never started a business before, you can launch your LLC smoothly the first time around.

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