Author: M.J. Clark

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Do you find that you often talk too much and can’t seem to control it?

Does it make you uncomfortable to speak up in a business setting because you worry about how you will be perceived? Do you struggle to trust others because they won’t meet your standards? Leaders who spend a great deal of time communicating often feel pressure to generate all the ideas and know all the answers, which leads to insecurity.

This insecurity is what generates the communication difficulties that get in the way of not only self-awareness but also managing, engaging, and motivating your team.

In Leading Through Listening, you’ll learn:

Tips about how to overcome the insecurity embedded in our speaking dysfunctions and how we can learn to listen, delegate, and empower others to truly lead.How you can do things scared to build self-confidence and create trust with others.Tips for listening so others feel heard and deciding how much to share with others.How to have assertive conversations, manage conflict, and keep others accountable.Why failing is so important for our overall success and tips for overcoming procrastination.How to find your passion and influence others.

You’ll find this book is a straightforward, practical guide filled with researched principles and specific examples from the author’s several years of public relations and marketing experience and nearly 20 years of executive coaching experience.

This book provides an operations guide for communicators and leaders to recognize the importance of vulnerability, to realize their strengths, and to understand how to apply those strengths to achieve greater career success. Grab your copy today!