Author: Britt Asher

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Varric has two weeks left to live. That’s the least of his problems.Twelve-year-old Varric wants nothing more than to save his mom’s life. After all, it’s his fault she’s dying.But when he breaks into a castle to steal a magical relic that might save her, the relic is stolen right out from under his nose. Even worse, he’s arrested for the theft. Unless he can find and return the missing relic within two weeks, he’ll be executed by a magical explosive on his wrist.As if that weren’t bad enough, Varric discovers that the relic is actually a key to an ancient prison containing a malicious and powerful creature. Varric’s quest to save himself and his mom turns into a race to keep the prison locked and save all of humanity from destruction.Join Varric on his quest to save the realms in this fast-paced fantasy adventure full of action, magic, and magical creatures!EXCERPT:“Princess Setia,” the queen said unenthusiastically. Her gaze drifted past Setia, slithered over Argo, and landed on Varric, who was still partially hidden by Argo’s arm. Once she found Varric, her ice-cold gaze didn’t move. Leaning sideways, she said to a nearby servant, “Make note that the floors will need to be sanitized. Monitor what they touch.”She acted like she was whispering, but she didn’t even try to keep her voice down. Varric was getting tired of people commenting on his appearance. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t have nice, clean clothes. Or a nice bath. Or all the nice things they had in their fancy palaces. He made a mental note to rub his hands all over the walls before he left. Maybe lick a few door handles, too.