Kestrel Island by A. B. Martin

Author: A. B. Martin

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A thrilling adventure story about friendship, courage and never giving up.
In a sleepy English seaside town, Sophie Watson is enjoying a peaceful holiday in the sunshine. But when she befriends a mysterious and charismatic girl called Sienna, she is drawn into a heart-stopping adventure where the future security of the world may be under threat.
To find out the truth, they must go to Kestrel Island. The plot they uncover is more mind-blowing than they could possibly have imagined.
Why are armed guards patrolling Kestrel Island? What are they trying to hide?
Will Sophie manage to overcome her fears and save the day?
Or will the secret the girls uncover put them in mortal danger?
If you're looking for an action-packed adventure with surprising twists and a thrilling climax - this is it.
The Sophie Watson Adventure Mystery Series.
Book 1. Kestrel Island.
Book 2. Under Crook's Wood.
Book 3. Raven's Wharf.
Book 4. Silver's Gold.