Author: J.J. Holden and Mark J. Russell

Category: Sci-Fi & Future Worlds

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A missing girl. A desperate father. And a national disaster set off by a massive solar flare.

Ben Mason, engineer turned realtor, has spent the better part of a year trying to track down his daughter, Katie, who had vanished without a trace. His estranged wife believes Katie is dead, but Ben is confident that she’s still alive…somewhere.

Out of the blue, he receives an eerie text message from his daughter regarding her whereabouts. But just as soon as the messages and image files come through, and he is able to compose a reply, his cell service goes down—as well as the power grid and nearly all modern technology.

Now, with the local police having their hands full and all the phone lines being inoperable, Ben must use the clues within those few text messages to find his daughter. Without a functioning vehicle, he must dust off his mountain bike and journey the hundreds of miles between his home and where he believes he might find her.

But with each day unveiling new risks, will Ben locate her before the chaos truly begins? Or will Katie be swept into the undercurrent of madness that threatens to consume the whole region?

Journey Through Darkness is an exciting post-apocalyptic EMP survival story featuring regular people struggling to survive after an EMP.

Perfect for fans of books by Kyla Stone, Jack Hunt, Grace Hamilton, Harley Tate, T.L. Payne, and other authors of EMP Prepper Fiction series.

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