Author: Matt Mememaro

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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A land where Humans and Vampires coincide. The men who hunt them. A plot to destroy humanity…

Barros Toldar once fought with the Hunters to cull the Vampire hordes that roamed Taagras. Then he found himself in bed with the Countess, Sophia. Upon the birth of their son, Abner, the Vampire lashes out, forcing Barros back to his old ways.

With his city in danger, Barros enlists the help of other Hunters in the area to destroy the Vampire threat and reclaim his son. Will he be able to achieve his mission and go on to train Abner in the ways of the Hunters?

Or will Sophia claim dominion over the human world?

Hunters is the gritty first book in the Toldar Series. If you like compelling characters, diabolical action, and gruesome battles, then you’ll love Matt Mememaro’s fearsome Vampires and brave Hunters that take them down.

Dive into the world of the Hunters and witness their plight against the Vampire hordes of Taagras in Matt Mememaro’s new series!