Author: JC Blake

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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‘This is a real page turner, hilarious and I especially love the manner of the cat.’ Catching her husband cheating with their glamorous neighbour was not the gift Liv wanted for her fiftieth birthday.Discovering that she was a witch was also the last thing she expected. Hitting the menopause and suffering hot sweats, a spreading middle, and chaotic hormones, sure, but the power to cast magical spells? No!Now, to top it all, she has become the number one suspect in the woman’s murder!Betrayed, humiliated, menopausal, and with the police on her tail, she is determined to discover just who killed her husband’s mistress.Will Liv catch the killer? Or will this hormonally challenged midlife witch spontaneously combust before she has a chance to clear her name?Find out today!What readers say:????? What an excellent story! I had to finish it, so housework went out the window.????? If you're in your later life it's a perfect book for you, it has laughs, excitement and a cat that talks.????? A fun, fast moving read that I couldn’t put down.????? A good witchy paranormal escapist tale.