Author: M.C. Frank

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“We are probably going to die today,” said John.“I’m aware,” Robin replied. “But then again, we’re constantly going to die.”“So what you’re saying is,” Alis hissed behind them, “that you’re used to being about to die.”“More or less,” Will Scarlet replied, rare laughter in his voice. “The excitement is gone.”Meet Robin Hood's band of outlaws.Robin Hood, the robber prince.Benedict Tucker, the warrior monk.Will Scarlet, the beautiful, damaged poet.Lady Alis, the queen of the forest.John Lyttle, the friend, the giant, the lieutenant.And Marian, the princess they failed to protect.They all used to be royalty: princes, lords, ladies. Now they are outlaws, hiding in the green forest, fighting for their lives. At least half the time. The rest of the time they are dying.Before he was Robin Hood, he was a prince.But how did he become the legend? All stories must start somewhere.This story starts with Christmas, a lost love, a hungry town and a robbery.Robin Loxley is a tortured young man mourning the loss of his title, his lands and his first love.But tonight, with the help of his close friends, he will get a new name that will live in history, a cat that could care less that Robin happens to be the most brilliant archer in medieval England, and a chance to prove himself by rescuing a lady from a fire.But this is no ordinary lady...And that is no ordinary fire...We are at the beginning. The legend is just starting.Starred reviews for the Outlaws series:"I am in love with the Outlaws series by M.C. Frank. It is an amazing and unique retelling of Robin Hood, who has always been a love of mine. I highly recommend this to everyone!" - Diana Ellis"I am in love with the romance. This medieval reimagining of Robin Hood will melt your heart." -BookReadings"I am obsessed with M.C. Frank's Robin Hood." -T.B.C."If someone asked me to describe this book using just one word, it would be: EMOTIONAL. I have loved Robin and Ru since book one." - Tea Books Lover"Here we see Robin Hood as he truly is. Riveting." -David Feliciano"Man, can this get any better? M.C. Frank has made us all love the fairytales we fell in love with as children, with a twist." -BiblioBeautyBooks"If you love good versus evil type stories, you need this book!" -Readcommendations