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You clicked on this book so you obviously want to learn to cook healthy food for your dog.That's a very good decision. It means you really care for him/her and I admire you for that. BUT....

BUT....WHY buy this specific book, when there are others?

Simple! :

Before writing this book, my objective was to write the PERFECT AND COMPLETE book to teach people all they needed to know to provide the best dog nutrition to their loved puppy. So what I did is:I looked at all other dog health books, scientific research, reviews, anectdotal experiences, cooking groups - and THEN I compiled this book so that it contains all the best from other books in simple "non scientific" words - and whatever was wrong, or not good for your dog health or other readers complained about - I explained and corrected it. It means I included only THE BEST dog food recipes!

WHY HOMEMADE DOG FOOD instead of buying dry dog food from the mall?

Well - When you will read this book - you will learn a lot about why it is important that you cook nutritious dog food for your best friend - Also you will learn that it is actually VERY SIMPLE! - TIME EFFICIENT ... AND more importantly - HEALTHIER!

If you buy this book now, you will QUICKLY learn:

? Theory: Everything you need to know regarding Dog Diets (), Dog nutrition, Dog Health - From Forbidden Dangerous dog foods to Calculating and learning exactly how much calories your dog needs.

? Dog Food Recipes: More Than 90+ SIMPLE and EASY Recipes to cook Homemade Healthy Dog Food.

? Some Recipes to make Homemade Healthy Dog Desserts and homemade Healthy Dog Treats.

( INCLUDED Recipes for both Big dogs and small dogs, Recipes for weight gain and weight loss.)

? You will Also learn how to meal prep for your dog and SAVE TIME!

Why this book, Although highly positively rated - contains couple reviews which are less than 5 stars?

That's because, at the end of the day, Human beings will be buying this book. And humans, have biases, different opinions, "different tastes", strong opposing views - SO it is impossible to make everyone happy. For example: if I did not include some vegetarian dog food recipes, some vegetarian/vegan biased readers might have given 1 star - and since I have included some vegetarian dog food recipes (Although I explained thoroughly that dogs are meat eaters) - someone left a 1 star review saying that dog are meat eaters! MY goal was to make the book as complete as possible, FOR EVERYONE!

Now that you know that you don't have anything to worry about and that you will be buying the Perfect dog food BOOK - It's time to make this TINY INVESTMENT and Click the BUY NOW button. Your dog will appreciate! DON'T LOSE ANY MORE TIME!