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Be a living example of the qualities that clients wish to hone—and fast-track your journey toward personal coaching success, even if you’re totally new to the industry!

The personal coaching business is easily one of the most exciting and fulfilling—and it can also be highly lucrative.

Recent estimates show that coaches earn an average annual income running from $52,100 to $92,400, and specialty coaches can make even more—over $100,000!

Of course, it wasn’t the money that attracted you to this industry in the first place.Coaching appealed to you because it is personal, vulnerable, real, and so rewarding.

You want to help your clients make an authentic change and lead lives filled with purpose, meaning, and authenticity.

But good intentions aren’t everything.

Strategizing, personal evolution, and commitment are just as vital.

This book is here to help you make a profound impact, not only on the clients who are putting their trust in you, but also on yourself. The aim is to build a high-revenue, impactful business that is self-sustaining and difference-making to the highest degree.

Within its pages, you will discover:

The 5-step breakthrough process – how to connect with the right clients, invite them in yet give them space, inspire them to enroll in their future, make your offer, and hear the word “yes” after they hear your prices!5 core barriers all coaches face – and how to discover your vision, mission, and valuesThe 5 distinctions of a high-performing coach – 5 key lenses that will change the way you and your clients go for opportunities and face potential obstaclesHow to build solid business foundations, discover your niche, and ace the art of narrow niche messagingWhy unshakeable belief lies at the core of building an impactful coaching business – and how you can achieve itKey techniques for positive accountability and coaching to help your clients achieve the goals and results they’re looking forHow to show up, stand out, and reframe your social media game to connect with people, grow your network, and attract more clientsHow to be the real deal and show clients that you talk the talk and walk the walk7 real-life breakthroughs experienced by coaches, as well as the author’s own journey to success

And so much more.

You are ready to share the secrets of a purposeful, impactful life.

All you need are clients who are eager to be inspired, committed to making positive changes, and willing to pay what you charge them.

Your journey may seem scary at first, but achieving the client list is completely achievable—provided you adopt 5 elements that demonstrate your own commitment to your coaching philosophy.

If you’re ready to be the best example of what clarity, drive, and determination can achieve, then scroll upwards and click “Add to Cart” right now!