Author: D.E. Stevenson

Category: General Nonfiction

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An intriguing and captivating tale of challenge, struggle and the power of sibling affection.

Gerald Brown is a handsome and brilliant young engineer, but he has been framed – and fired – for the theft of diamonds from the South African firm he worked for. Ashamed and angry, he falls into mental despair as he returns to his hometown of London.Once there, he goes to stay with his half-sister, Elizabeth Burleigh, a beautiful and celebrated West End actress. However, like Gerald, Elizabeth feels ashamed and is compelled to deny herself the happiness she most desires.Together, the siblings face challenges both practical and moral, and battle with their hopes and fears.

Gerald and Elizabeth

is an acutely-observed and insightful novel from the pen of D. E. Stevenson, and shows the perception and lightness of touch so often associated with that writer. It is a treat for Stevenson’s many admirers, and a great introduction to her work for newcomers.

Praise for Gerald and Elizabeth:

’Written in the middle of the last century, but a novel of people and relationships that is timeless’ -


review‘If not familiar with Stevenson, I suggest starting with

Gerald and Elizabeth

… The true secret to Stevenson's success, for she was very popular in her day, is how her characters are so likable and how the plot is so plausible with everyday moments’ -



Dorothy Emily Stevenson


was a Scottish author and second cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson. In a career that lasted more than 40 years, she published many books and during her lifetime sold more than seven million copies in the UK and USA alone.