Author: Aaron Denius

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The world is in ruin. War, disease and famine have exponentially depleted Earth’s population to its lowest since the 19th century. Atom, an enhanced 18-year-old human, has only been alive for a month, and already the entire weight of humanity rests on his shoulders. He, his counterpart Ev, and 10 other Genesys, have been groomed by scientists to become the first of a new human race. One that will thrive after the scientists set off a nuclear apocalypse to eradicate the current, failing system. When their compound is attacked by a large group of outsiders who want to stop the scientist’s plan, Atom’s life is saved by a clone named 80. The budding friendship between them sets off an awakening within both to the true state of the world. The attack forces the apocalypse to be expedited, making Atom decide if he will be complacent to the scientist’s plans, or if he will choose his own path and fight for those who are simply trying to survive.Inspired by the classic dystopian novels, GENE. SYS. takes a look at the attempt to create a dystopian society. What are the choices that need to be made to save the human race? What if the weight of those decisions rested entirely on your shoulders?