Author: Rami Donahoe

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Embrace a proactive, faith-based approach that will ensure your child has a bright educational future—even if you don’t have the budget for an expensive private school.

Is the thought of sending your child to a big public school keeping you up at night?

Are you considering ditching the public school system and opting for a school that aligns with your values and faith?

Do you dream of dropping off your child at school and knowing they will be in a safe, loving environment—one that recognizes them as individuals and makes the necessary accommodations they need to shine academically and socially?

If so, you are most definitely not alone.

A groundbreaking study found that 21.5% of public school teachers in urban areas send their own children to private schools. In some cities—such as Philadelphia—this figure ascends to 43.6%.

The current school system is failing thousands of children, and with security threats and clumsy protocols standing in the way, too many students are vulnerable to violence, abuse, and other major threats.

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child.

You have options and choices, and this book is here to guide you as you make the important decision of whether to fight for your rights in the existing system, consider flexible options, or opt for homeschooling.

Inside, you’ll discover:

How to work out the ideal choice for you and your child—weigh the pros and cons of fighting, flexing, or flighting How to help your child conquer the challenges of elementary, middle, and high school—know what to expect, prepare and inform yourself, and take actionHow to deal with the intense emotions and identity crises that can pop up as your child transitions from childhood into their teen years The power of refusal—how to teach your child to set and respect their boundaries, and feel comfortable saying “No”Taking up the good fight—how to be a champion for vital causes, such as improved emergency protocols at school Top public school flex options, including charter school—considerations to keep in mind before making a decision How to identify and foster your passion for homeschooling—so you can take flight and enjoy a matchless sense of freedomAnd much more.You’ve been feeling like there was only one choice for too long.And you worry that this choice will expose your child to situations that would spoil their childhood experience.Perhaps you have a child with individual needs whom you are worried will get lost under the weight of bureaucracy and useless protocols.But it’s you, not they, who decide the type of education that is best for your child.You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing—you can embrace flexible or completely new options you have not yet considered.If you are ready to be your child’s most courageous advocate as they make their journey through their education, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” now.