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From the authors of the best selling series ‘Viking Ventures’ comes the epic story of Harald Fairhair.The boy who inherited a war and built a kingdom.When King Halvdan the Black dies in 860, he is succeeded by his ten-year-old son, Harald. Immediately, rival kings and jarls unite to take advantage of the weakened state of the new king’s realm, and Harald’s army of 300 men is outnumbered three to one. The boy-king must step out from his father’s shadow and earn the respect of his men.After years of battle, Harald falls in love with Gyda, the daughter of King Eirik of Horthaland. The maiden rejects him and declares she will not give herself to any man unless he is the king of all of Norway. Harald accepts her challenge and vows that he will not cut or comb his hair until he has conquered and united Norway under his rule.At the great naval battle at Hafrsfjord, Harald faces an alliance of rival kings - rallied by Gyda’s father.Fairhair is the story of the boy who set out to be the first king of Norway.In Fairhair you will meet characters known from the Viking Ventures trilogy ('Viking*, 'Outlaw' & 'Free'), such as Ulv, Bjarn, Ragnvald, Julia and Geir Galne. In addition, a whole new cast of both real historical people and fictional characters will make their marks on this thrilling story.Fairhair is fast-paced Viking fiction in the spirit of the Viking Blood and Blade saga by Peter Gibbons, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell, The Norsemen Saga by James L. Nelson, and Odin's Game by Tim Hodkinson.