Author: Pansy Bradley

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Is Your Child Targeted at School? This book provides practical solutions for addressing situations where your child might be targeted or bullied at school due to ADHD. You will learn how to communicate with the school, teachers, and classmates to ensure your child's safety and happiness.

Is Your Child Excluded?If your child is often excluded from social activities or parties due to ADHD-related behavior, this book offers strategies to ensure they are no longer left out. You will learn how to create inclusion opportunities for your child and build stronger friendships. Can't Understand Your Child? If you've ever felt confused or frustrated trying to understand your child's behavior, this book offers clarity. You will be guided to see the world through your child's eyes and understand the unique challenges and strengths associated with ADHD. Don't Know How to Calm Them? This book will provide you with practical tools to effectively manage your child's restlessness and crises. You will discover how to transform chaos into calm and create a stable routine. Explosive Children with ADHD is the essential guide known for its comprehensiveness, clarity, and evidence-based approach. INSIDE, YOU WILL FIND: ? Deep Understanding: This book offers a comprehensive overview of ADHD, exploring the origins of the disorder, early signs, and diagnostic methods. No detail is overlooked, allowing for a complete understanding of the disorder. ? Practical Strategies: We not only examine ADHD but also provide practical, proven strategies for daily management. You will learn how to deal with explosiveness, improve concentration, and create a stable routine. ? School Success: The book includes strategies for collaborating with teachers and school professionals to ensure your child's academic success. You will learn the tools to unleash their full potential. ? Social Development: This guide provides insights into social relationships, offering tips to enhance your child's social skills. Do you want to see your child accepted by friends? This book will tell you how to do it. ? Family Understanding: You will discover how to create a peaceful home environment, improve family communication, and build stronger bonds with your child. ? Self-Care for Parents: We do not overlook parents. The book contains strategies to deal with stress and take care of yourself while supporting your child. ? Avoid Rebukes and Exclusions: We offer practical tips to improve relationships with teachers, help your child succeed at school, and ensure they are included in social activities and parties. WHY CHOOSE THIS BOOK: ? Evidence-Based: This book is the result of in-depth research and provides information based on solid scientific evidence. ? Comprehensive: No aspect of ADHD is overlooked. This guide covers every stage, from diagnosis to adolescence. ? Empathetic Approach: We understand the challenges you face as a parent. The guide is written with empathy and understanding to help you overcome the challenges of ADHD. ? Effective Strategies: The strategies offered are practical, effective, and proven. ? Success Stories: This book includes inspiration from parents who have overcome the challenges of ADHD, demonstrating that positive results and happiness are possible. Invest in your child's future and your family.