Author: Marcy Blesy

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Over 8000 books sold in the series!A new series with part trouble, part fun, and part feel-good feelings..... Evie and the Volunteers Series:Join ten-year-old Evie and her friends as they volunteer all over town meeting lots of cool people and getting into just a little bit of trouble. There is no place left untouched by their presence, and what they get from the people they meet is greater than any amount of money. In this first book, Evie and Logan volunteer at an animal shelter. Evie never dreams that meeting Daisy, an abused dog, will help to heal a deep wound in her family that she doesn’t even know exists.Amazon Reviewer: "I'm ten years old, and this is my new favorite series!" Book 1: Animal ShelterBook 2: Nursing HomeBook 3: After School ProgramBook 4: Food Pantry BookBook 5: Public LibraryBook 6: HospitalBook 7: Military Care Packages"Evie is ten. School is out. And she has some big plans for the summer before fifth grade. When her mom starts a new job and sentences Evie to a summer at her grandparents' beyond-boring house, Evie fumes, "How could she be so selfish?" An escape to the beach by Evie and her best friend, Logan, causes an uproar in their small town and results in an even stiffer sentence -- volunteer work at the local animal shelter. Evie learns the meaning of selfish as well as how to open her heart to the needy animals she meets. All these lessons are taught with a light touch, lots of humor and well-developed characters. Even the most serious topics, like the PTSD that keeps Evie's father away from home, are thoughtfully discussed at an elementary-school level. Blesy does not offer pat solutions to all the quandaries that Evie encounters, so readers will be drawn to the following books in the series. Best of all, the young girl has fallen hard for the volunteer concept and heads off to a nursing home in Book 2, and into an after-school program with some trying students in Book 3. Blesy is a school librarian and the author of Confessions of a Corn Kid and Be the Vet, as well as several middle school titles and young adult romances." - Denise Perry Donavin, Midwest Book ReviewReviews for the series, Evie and the Volunteers:"I'm ten years old and this is my new favorite series!""This is a great series and must add to any library!""My daughter and I are reading this series together. We have loved the first two books and are excited to read the rest."