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Discover the secrets of equine behavior and transform your relationship with your horse…

The day you meet your horse for the first time is the day you cherish forever.

Imagine walking on a lush green paddock to see your horse for the first time. He is tethered to a fence, his beautiful mane billowing in the wind.

Your heart races with anticipation, your pulse quickens, and you feel drawn to your horse.

You walk up to him, extend your hand for the horse to sniff, waiting for the moment when he’ll allow you to pat him…. but the horse pins his ears back, swishes his tail, and tries to kick you!

That doesn’t make for a very good memory, does it?

If this happens, you might wonder what is wrong with your horse… why was he acting crazy?

Only he wasn’t, you just didn’t know how to read his behavior.

Your horse is not necessarily trying to misbehave or cause trouble. Bucking, biting, rearing, kicking, pulling back — these are all behaviors that help your horse communicate.

He isn’t saying: I don’t like you.

He could be telling you: I don’t trust you, or I hurt.

So answer this…

Are you looking for ways to bond with your horse on a deeper level?

Do you want to uncover the secrets of how a horse's brain works?

Do you want to become the ultimate horse whisperer?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a sample of what you’ll discover in this guide:

The language of horses — understand how horses communicate and improve your ability to "speak horse"Horse-brained — discover how your horse’s brain works, especially in decision-making and learningTwin sides of a horse — detailed anatomical analysis of a horse’s body from the head to the tailHow to explore the horse's senses and use them to your advantage in training and ridingWhy a horse’s nutrition is more than just hay — discover the importance of equine nutrition and 5 steps to balancing your horse’s dietEasy-to-follow tricks to fix behavioral issues in horses with bad human experiences in their pastWhat you can do to exhibit your love for horses even when you can’t buy them10+ top-notch grooming supplies guaranteed to give your horse a sparkling, glossy appearance every time you give them a bath

And much more!

A strong bond between you and your horse can only be built on mutual trust and care where you both learn to recognize and respond to each other’s cues.

And if you want your horse to become the best friend you will ever have, it’s not just their training that’s important; you also have much to discover and develop as a partner.

Unlock the secrets of equine behavior and anatomy, and take your horsemanship to new heights — scroll up and click "add to cart" right now!