Author: Sean Fletcher

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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She’s got the powers of a dragon, and the Slayers are closing in…

Kaylee just blasted her first date with lightning. She has no idea how, but when the creep pulls a sword on her, what’s a girl to do?

Soon, she’s discovering a whole magical world she had no clue existed, all hidden in plain sight. And that lightning she summoned? Even among paranormals, that’s not normal.

Turns out Kaylee is a dragon-kin, a half dragon/half human with the incredibly rare power to summon storms. As if that weren’t trouble enough, her newly discovered magic has attracted the wrong kind of attention: Slayers, a murderous ancient order dedicated to eradicating all dragon-kin. They’re planning something big. Something deadly.

And they’re going to use Kaylee to do it.