Author: Eileen Mueller

Category: Fantasy

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When a dragon steals Tomaaz’s sister, Ezaara, he discovers dangerous family secrets. Nothing's as it seems... A fast-paced epic-fantasy series by

multi-award-winning author

Eileen Mueller.

Tomaaz doesn’t believe in dragons, until the dragon queen abducts his twin sister, Ezaara.

When she goes missing, his parents reveal dangerous family secrets. That night, his father is wrongly imprisoned while his mother heads deep into Death Valley to atone for a dreadful crime.

To make things worse, an army of bestial tharuks attacks his village. No one is prepared. Torn, Tomaaz doesn’t know who to save. Should he rescue Pa from prison, help the villagers, or follow Ma into enemy territory? Or should he save Lovina, the abused daughter of a traveling merchant?

Tomaaz has to act fast, because Commander Zens and his clone armies are marching through Dragon’s Realm.

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern and Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle enjoy Riders of Fire.

If you love epic coming-of-age fantasy, heart-pounding adventure, true love and dragons, Dragon Hero — Riders of Fire is for you.

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