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Dog Whisperer Unveils Secrets of Positive Reinforcement Training.Raise the Perfect Dog from Puppy to Adult Saving Time, Money, and Stress!

Countless households already boast their 4-legged members, while many more are on the brink of welcoming a new puppy. Yet, there's a key aspect to consider...

Do you know how to

give your pup the best behavior cues

? Are you there to

reassure them when they're scared


Have you been tackling their tricky behaviors head-on with the right moves

?With over

twenty years of experience



dog trainer

Charlotte, will accompany you

to master the art of becoming an exceptional owner through swift and effortless dog housetraining!

This is the only comprehensive guide you will need over the years because it will led you through every phase of your new best friend's life: Neonatal, Transition, Socializing, Exploration, Adolescent, Senior.Here is just a glimpse of what the book contains:

Mastering PUPPY TRAINING including: the secrets of quickly and effortlessly teaching the 9 Key Commands, and how to easily puppy-proofing your homeRevealed the Power of Positive Reinforcement: FORGET PUPPY BITING and CHEWING, LEASH PULLING, JUMPING UP, EXCESSIVE BARKING, AGGRESSION, SEPARATION ANXIETY and ENDLESS CLEAN-UP SESSIONSHomemade Fun: learn how to easily and quickly craft your own toys from everyday items and unleash their fitness and vitality with funny indoor and outdoor brain games (prevent your dog from dying of boredom!)14 easy-to-follow training techniques including: Crate Training, Potty Training, Leash Training, Recall Training, troubleshooting tips and socialization hintsHealth and well-beingincluding how to interpret your dog secret language, the 3 body signals you should NEVER neglect, the 4 Superfoods you already have at homeBONUS CHAPTERS: Well-Behaved and Happy Good Citizen Program, Dog Training for Kids Handbook, Tips for Travelling, Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipes.

And much, much more!

Whether you're a new dog parent or a seasoned dog lover, revel in the pride of turning your furry baby into a well-behaved and happy CANINE GOOD CITIZEN and bask in the admiration of your friends and family!Experience the incredible joy of forging an unbreakable and heartwarming bond with your furry best buddy.

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