Author: Dietmar Sternad

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Boost your confidence, inspire others, become a better leader!
Whether you are new to a leadership role or want to take your existing leadership competencies to a higher level—here’s the most practical guide for you.
This book provides a fast track to learning the 50 key leadership skills that will really make a difference for your success as a leader. Based on state-of-the-art leadership knowledge, learn how to:
get into the right leadership mindset and become a confident leader
effectively communicate with others (including handling tough conversations)
set the right priorities (to focus yourself and your team on the things that really matter)
build and lead a winning team (including leading a virtual or agile team)
help other people grow and achieve outstanding performance levels
No leadership blah blah! Just clear and actionable advice on how to master the challenge of becoming a successful leader. With 50 practical exercises that will help you grow as a leader right away … and with heartwarming illustrations that will allow you to ‘feel’ what effective leadership really means.
The perfect gift for both new and experienced leaders ... and for yourself!
“This remarkable book is packed with actionable wisdom for new and experienced leaders alike. Do not be daunted by its inclusion of 50 (!) leadership skills—each clearly described, with practical tips and room for notes—because Develop Your Leadership Superpowers offers not so much a list as an integrated set of mindsets and behaviors that can transform your work and your life.”
--Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership, Harvard Business School; Author, Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well (Atria 2023)
“This is my new go-to leadership book that I will be carrying copies around with me to give to my precious clients. I know they (and you) will love it, and more importantly use it, as much as I will!”
--Sue Belton, Award-winning leadership coach, speaker and author (London)
“This book offers a comprehensive yet concise leadership development program to help managers transform into impactful leaders.”
--Larry Cermak, CEO The Block (New York)
“With a fresh style and inspiring illustrations and examples, Develop Your Leadership Superpowerswill help you grow in 50 essential leadership skills and make a difference by achieving results and developing people.”
--Professor Daniel Pittino, Bestselling author of The Concise Leadership Textbook: Essential Knowledge and Skills for Developing Yourself as a Leader
About the author and illustrator
Dr Dietmar Sternad is an award-winning management professor and bestselling author with extensive experience in various leadership roles (e.g. as a CEO of media companies) as well as in educating and coaching new and experienced leaders. He has published numerous research articles, case studies, and textbooks (including the international bestsellers Developing Coaching Skills and Solve It! The Mindset and Tools of Smart Problem Solvers, both published by econcise).
Eva Kobin is a self-taught artist passionate about graphical facilitation and illustration. The pursuit of her dream made her leave her little village in Estonia and continue management studies in Austria, where she met Dietmar. Art helped her with her master’s degree, bringing simplicity and a little humor, even for the topics that initially seemed difficult. With her little characters, she brings a funny side to otherwise serious management topics. Hopefully, you will enjoy her drawings as much as she did creating them for you!