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"Is it possible to add another $5,000 to $10,000 a month MORE in your Health &Wellness Practice without working a gazillion hours?"It can be so frustrating to know that you’re a highly skilled clinician or practice owner who can support your clients and patients to see extraordinary clinical outcomes—but you’re burning out, giving too much, and spending way too much time in your clinic. Your practice has become the top priority over family, friends, and your personal health. It’s not your fault.Like many “Therapreneurs,” you’re probably following the traditional business model we’re all taught at the beginning—running your business as an Open To The Public™ practice. At first, the OTTP structure may sound like the best way to run a therapy business to attract as many clients as possible. But focusing on volume can actually compromise value. Volume-based practices run practice owners ragged, stifling income and even contributing to resentment toward clients.Irene Diamond was facing volume-based problems until she took action for herself and her practice. Now, through her consulting service—along with her book Design Your Dream Practice for Health & Wellness Therapists and Clinics—Irene teaches how to transition from an Open To The Public™ practice to creating your unique Precise Private Practice®.

In this book, you will discover...

?The inside strategies and insights behind some of the world’s most successful practices around the globe.?Irene Diamond’s deep wisdom—garnered from 30+ years as a multi-practitioner clinic owner, private practitioner, business consultant, and guest authority—that she usually shares only in her private paid coaching programs and with her high-end Dream Practice Mastery Academy members.?The secret benefits of raising your standards to create a Precise Private Practice® (It's not just more money!)?What you must do if you already have too many clients and want to slowdown and work fewer hours but continue to generate the same or more revenue.?How to know precisely what type of clients you’re meant to work with who make your heart sing, and where to find them.?How to position yourself so your Dream Clients ask to be invited into your practice—which means no more chasing clients!?The difference between Bargain, Main Stream, Premium, and Luxury practices and how to set your fees accordingly so you attract your Dream Clients and feel well-compensated for the efficient, effective, elegant experience you deliver?Real-life examples and case studies of how clinic owners and therapists went from struggling with finding simplicity, control, and professional satisfaction in their practices to generating a consistent flow of leads, clients, and revenue. (Also, the more Dream Clients you attract, the more selective you can be.?Bonus: Additional business-building resources and videos available just for readers of this book.This proven step-by-step process has helped thousands (and counting!) of “out-of-the-box-thinking” activated practice owners to achieve professional simplicity and financial security. Professionally thrilled Therapreneurs around the globe provide extraordinary clinical results for their clients while developing loyal, excited referring partners, team members, and service providers.Give yourself permission to rise above the professional (and emotional) expectations of colleagues, peers, and family in your pursuit of brilliance! Scroll up and click “add to cart."