Author: Mandy Fender

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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"A YA novel  inspired by Christian bravery that is action-packed and faith-filled."

Redemptive Fiction Award of Excellence WinnerOne girl's faith makes her a soldier...Seventeen-year-old Lennox Winters lives an average life in a small Texas town where nothing ever seems to happen, but that all changes in a blink of an eye. After her parents are murdered on the street, she questions everything she knows and soon finds out there was much more to their deaths. Now, there's a war in her own backyard and she has only two options...go on the run and fight to survive or submit to the new Regime taking over America and imprisoning Defiers--the ones who refuse to bow. In her search for answers, she will discover her own limits and the price of standing.Faith will be tested.Lives will be lost.Truth will be found.

Are you brave enough to defy?