Author: Rachel Neumeier

Category: Fantasy

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Sometimes the past does not let go.Daniel Dodson, a gifted psychiatrist, finds himself presented with a mysterious new patient. The world of swords and magic Tenai so vividly remembers obviously can't be real. The deadly enmity and long war that left such deep emotional scars plainly symbolize something else. But perhaps Daniel can use the signposts of her imagined past to aid Tenai in moving forward into a new life in the real world.Daniel's hopes seem to be fulfilled ... until Tenai's enemies pull her back into her own world. Daniel, pulled with her into a world where magic lies waiting within every deep shadow and every flickering candle flame, finds himself struggling to protect himself, his daughter Jenna, and Tenai herself in a battle against hidden enemies.Forced into unwilling cooperation with these enemies, Daniel must find a way to defy their plans, protect his daughter, and help Tenai overcome the shadows of her past — before it’s too late.A double-portal epic fantasy