Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett

Category: Science Fiction

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"Hunger Games,

50 Shades

and Divergent, anyone?"

Dive into the Gripping Continuation of the Dark Fantasy Series by New York Times Bestseller, Tamara Rose Blodgett!

"Love this series!" ~ mb242xxx

Immerse yourself in the latest installment of the #1 Amazon Dark Fantasy bestselling series, where danger, intrigue, and unexpected twists await.

Join Paxton Hart as he utilizes his unique ability to escape the clutches of the Sanction Police, only to find himself thrust into a parallel earth more corrupt than his own. In this world, the undead serve the living in illicit trade, and cyborg-human hybrids threaten to dominate humanity.

When Paxton's sister, Deegan, and her zombie companion, Mitchell, become separated from him, they must navigate a dangerous landscape ruled by Reflective Lance Ryan, a soldier with the power to judge and punish. As Deegan grapples with her own abilities and desires, the group must reunite and confront a new reality fraught with fertility and peril.

Will Deegan and her companions risk their lives to stay in a world where fertility is rare but persecution looms? Or will they return to their own earth, where safety comes at a steep price? And as Deegan wrestles with the fate of Mitchell, will he become more than anyone could have imagined?

Don't miss out on this thrilling new adult fiction, perfect for readers aged 17 and above. Click "Buy Now" to continue the journey with Paxton, Deegan, and their companions as they navigate a world of danger, betrayal, and unexpected alliances.Tropes: Gothic Enemies to Lovers, Dark fantasy, Paranormal intrigue, Young adult dystopia, Clueless protagonist, Love triangle, Forbidden romance, Coming-of-age journey, Hidden powers, Prophecy, Secret society, Betrayal, Sacrifice, Hero's journey, Government conspiracy, Teen rebellion, High school drama, Chosen one, Apocalyptic setting, Resistance movement, Character growth,Reluctant hero, Anti-hero, Moral ambiguity, Gray morality, Strong female protagonist, Mentor figure, Sibling rivalry, Childhood trauma, Redemption arc, Revenge plot, Quest narrative, Underdog story, Power struggle, Identity crisis, Star-crossed lovers, Unlikely allies, Supernatural abilities, Mind control, Manipulative antagonist, Environmental disaster