Author: Barney Maddox

Category: General Nonfiction

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Darwin’s Big Lie is an exposé of Darwin’s big lie and his ancillary lies, half-truths, tautologies, stretches, religious motivations, racism, ignorance, and wild contradictions in his seminal work On the Origin of Species. Biologists cite Charles Darwin as a lofty and prescient genius. He was an intelligent and knowledgeable scientist. But then he became a cunning wordsmith. In his first chapter Darwin discussed changes in organisms under artificial selection, or domestic breeding programs.

“But for our purpose, a kind of selection which may be called unconscious, and which results from every one trying to possess and breed from the best individual animals, is more important.”

What could be more conscious than trying? Has anyone ever tried to do anything unconsciously? How does one unconsciously acquire and possess domestic animals? Further conscious activity is required to “possess and breed” anything.

Even more conscious activity involves breeding “the best individual animals.” The best animals are always determined consciously. And “every one” trying to possess purebreds do these activities consciously.

So which clearly conscious activities involved in breeding the best individuals can rightly be labeled “unconscious”? None of them! This is Darwin’s big lie. Then he stretched his big lie into natural selection, then into macroevolution.