Author: Jess Savage

Category: Erotic Romance

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This box set includes the first three books from the CURIOUS series by Jess Savage: Curious, Devious, and Envious.CuriousThere's always that one guy, right? So perfect he's guaranteed heartbreak.For Hailey, that's Jack. He's everything: handsome, athletic, kind. He's also hopelessly head-over-heels for Ella, laughing at everything she says, kissing her like he can't get enough.Hailey could absolutely die.But when Jack invites Hailey to lifeguard with him at a tony country club, Hailey jumps at the chance. Call her a glutton for punishment, but a summer of skimpy swimsuits, sun, and Jack by her side? One last chance to steal him away before they all leave for college? YES PLEASE.Of course, Ella's there every day, lounging in her bikinis and lip gloss smiles. And the worst part? Hailey totally gets why Jack can't resist her. Ella's got this teasing, mean girl attitude that keeps Hailey on her toes. There's something about her that makes Hailey's insides ZING! And then melt in the most delicious……uh-oh.Guess the only thing worse than an impossible crush is having two impossible crushes.CURIOUS is a 35,000 word contemporary NA MFF romance. Mature scenes intended for adult audiences only. Throuple HFN, no cliffhangers. First in series, can be read as a standalone. DeviousWhen your Happily Ever After turns out to be someone else's Experimental Threesome One Night Stand? The next morning is a real B to the Eye to the TCH.For Hailey, that was last night.Worse, when she drags herself into work, that B is now her boss.At least Jack's by her side at work, even if the two of them are hardly allowed to speak. And when Hailey gets Ella alone, the sparks are still there, even if Ella doesn't want them to be.Hailey wants it to happen again— her Happily Ever After. But to get it, she might have to be a little devious.DEVIOUS is a 51,000-word contemporary NA MFF romance. Second in the CURIOUS series. Mature scenes intended for adult audiences only. This book contains a CLIFFHANGER. EnviousHere was the messed up thing inside me — guys who wanted to tell the world they liked me? They did nothing for my pulse.Guys who belonged to someone else? Who looked at me only when they thought no one else would notice? I didn't like it, but it got me.Just that chance to make them change, you know? To make them into the kind of guy who'd tell all his buddies I was the one.Maybe that's what got me about Jack. He'd belonged to Ella.Now he was mine. And even though I'd stolen him in the most primitive way possible, some part of him still belonged to her.But the real problem was, some part of me belonged to her too.ENVIOUS is the third book in the CURIOUS series. This is a 40,000 word contemporary NA MFF romance. Mature scenes intended for adult audiences only.