Author: Isabella Francis

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How will you find a way to make sure your child isn’t impacted by your narcissistic ex?

Want to ensure that you take the right steps at a difficult time of transition?

You’re someone who wants to make sure your child has the support, love and care they need to grow up and become a fully functional adult. You’re also someone acutely aware of the hold a narcissist can have over you. After all, you left your partner for a very good reason.

Now that you’ve broken free there’s something that will have shocked you: they still have a hold over you! They’re still involved in your life in a big way because you have a child together. Now you have to co-parent in two different households and find a way to move forwards for the benefit of your child.

The secret is to trust that there’s a solution, even when you feel like giving up all hope because of the completely unreasonable behavior of your ex. You just have to stay on track and keep doing the right thing. How do I know? I’ve just finished reading THE book on it…

“Co-Parenting After Divorcing A Narcissist” is for anyone who wants to ensure their children are looked after the right way, no matter how nasty your divorce has been.

Inside Co-Parenting After Divorcing A Narcissist, you're going to learn about:

Why you're finding it hard to move onHow it's okay to grieve your divorceIf narcissistic abuse can cause PTSDChecking yourself for narcissistic victim syndromeHow to handle the gossip and disapproval of loved onesHow to disarm a narcissist and protect your kidsCoparenting with a narcissistPositive co-parentingWhen to use parallel parentingReinventing yourself and moving on And a whole lot more!

Put all of these pieces of the puzzle into the right places and you’ll find that things start to improve a whole lot faster than you were expecting. Ideal if you want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Your copy is waiting!

This is the moment you have to step forward, claim it, and read it. Do these three little things right now and everything will start to turn around.