Author: Golden Angel

Category: Fantasy

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Who doesn't love a little tail? Chasing Tail is a hot box set containing four sassy shifter romances guaranteed to satisfy!
This set includes:
Chasing His Bunny - When wolf-shifter Steele Raymond meets his fated mate, he's shocked to discover she's a science experiment gone wrong. And after all that she's been through, supersized bunny-shifter Bethany Bunson wants nothing to do with being anyone's mate!
Chasing His Squirrel - Torn between love and duty, will Brady Bunson choose his mission to destroy the monsters who experimented on his family or the sweet squirrel-shifter who captured his heart but refuses to sit around waiting for him?
Chasing His Puma - Ever-annoyed pessimist Brock Bunson can't stand sunny puma-shifter Doc. But when circumstances force the two together and send them on the run, Brock will warm up to a side of her that he never knew before.
Night of the Wild Stags - Kiara Arrio already has a mate, and she didn't run away from him just to find herself with four more!