Author: Michael Diettrich-Chastain

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Why do people struggle with creating the changes they say they want?

With over a decade of work with thousands of clients in the fields of organizational consulting, executive coaching and psychotherapy, author Michael Diettrich-Chastain reveals a model for change that is like no other. In this book, the CHANGES model reveals the seven pillars of life that impact our ability to make professional and personal well as how these same seven pillars influence our ability to respond to change.

Do you ever wonder why things aren't going the way you planned?Do you question why things are happening TO you instead of YOU making them happen?Have you set out to create change in your life and then been drawn back into old patterns that you tried so hard to avoid? Do you know what questions to ask to help you lead in a way that drives the outcomes you desire?

In CHANGES you will learn:

How to start asking the right questions, so that you can finally translate understanding into behavior.An evergreen model, that will help you reach goals, adapt to challenging circumstances, and reduce stress along the way. A leadership strategy, which is paramount to creating behavior change in leaders themselves and those that they lead.A method for being resilient, regardless of the circumstance, which translates into creating powerfully functioning teams and leaders.Actionable tools, found in every chapter to help you turn the lessons into meaningful real-life changes.How to create a personalized roadmap, so that the lessons apply specifically to you and your motivations, fears, strengths, mindsets, and needs.

Plus, inside the book, you get a free download link for the audiobook.And if you need additional strategies to apply the seven pillars in the book, check out The Changes Cards.