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Learn Bridge like a pro and test your brain with this complete walkthrough to a classic card game.

Boasting a complete and comprehensive introduction to

the art of Bridge

, this handy beginners guide reveals why this classic card game

is taking the world by storm

. With simple instructions, an intuitive layout, and plenty of advice for how beginners can get started with Bridge, inside you’ll find an

up-to-date approach

that will give you the

confidence and skills

you need

to start becoming a master at Bridge.As a great way

to boost your critical thinking skills, keep your brain active, and spend quality time

with your friends and family,

Bridge For Beginners

will take you by the hand and walk you through

every stage of the game

. This handbook

breaks down complex rules

, guiding you through the techniques and terminology of Bridge so that you can understand

scoring, play different hands, and recognize common strategies

. Plus, you’ll also find tons of encouraging

tips and tricks for gaining the upper hand and outwitting your opponents.

Recognized as an Olympic sport and played by some of the

richest and most successful

people in history, Bridge is a brilliant way to test your cognitive abilities, learn a fun new skill, and bond with your loved ones. No matter your age, this book provides down-to-earth explanations and


advice that will turn you into a natural Bridge player in no time!

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find in this complete guide:

Why Everyone Should Start Playing Bridge!12 Essential Bridge Lessons That You Need To KnowA Simple Breakdown of The Rules of Bridge (Miss This and You’ll End Up Confused!)Understanding Scoring, The Different Plays, and How To Come Out On TopMust-Know Bridge Etiquette and The Top Do’s & Don’tsA History of Cheating In Bridge – What To Look Out For and What’s Not AllowedHow To Become a Better Bridge Partner and Inspire Your Friends To SucceedAnd So Much More…

With its

tried-and-tested role

as a fun card game that everybody can try,

Bridge for Beginners

reveals how you can jump into the fun and introduce your friends and family to this classic card game. This handbook is an

all-in-one tool

for beginners to get to grips with Bridge.

Are you ready to start playing Bridge? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!