Author: Rachel Neumeier

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The war is over. Vampires lost.

For thousands of years, a vampiric miasma prevented ordinary people from noticing the monsters in their midst. Then the black dogs of Dimilioc drove vampires from the world, the miasma faded, and suddenly ordinary people could look into the shadows ... and see the shadows looking back.Natividad is one of the rare Pure, able to wield protective magic against demonic evil. Her older brother is a black dog, fighting to control the demon bound to his soul. Her human twin has no magic, but he's got a plan to protect them all.With the world they knew in ashes, with enemies snapping at their heels, the three seek refuge with Dimilioc, the only powerful black dog House left in the world. But Dimilioc, nearly ruined by the war they barely won, may not have the strength they need. Unless Natividad and her brothers can find the courage and skill to face their terrifying adversaries, not only they, but Dimilioc itself, may be pulled down at last.

Perfect for fans of Patricia Briggs, this unusual twist on werewolves will keep you turning pages right to the end!