Author: Shaan Rias

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When it comes to embracing your story and using the most transformative life chapters to build a multi-million dollar business, Shaan Rais is among the branding titans.This book pays tribute to his remarkable journey from zero to hero. As he expresses the lucrative importance of owning a personal brand, he recounts the prosperous stories of other business titans who developed a brand that will stand forever.Pulling back the curtain in this value-packed resource entails Shaan Rais sharing the experience, education, and expertise he has gained by building a successful business from his personal brand.This book includes advice backed by evidence-based facts and successful branding examples in the form of short stories. By the end of the book, they discover how others have built billion-dollar businesses on their name, image, & likeness, and how they too can effectively and profitably market their compelling brand story.Shaan Rais is a Leadership Development Expert and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist as well as a Professional Speaker and Branding Strategist. He holds a double Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development & Change. By choosing to unapologetically invest in his story, he has inspired leaders like you to create more than a business, but a personal brand.Throughout this captivating book, Shaan cohesively lays out the foundational differences between each brand story that aligns with industry leaders and household names. Even so, he continues to drive home the assertion that the unique path being walked by every individual is the makings of a brand story that will leave a lasting impact on the language we all speak - the global marketplace.