Author: Alice Burrell

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Discover the magical world of bath bombs and how to create them.

Are you interested in the art of creating your own self-care products but have no idea how to get started?Were you always fascinated by bath bombs and wanted to learn more about them?Have you been searching for a step-by-step guide on how to create your own bath bombs?Then your search is over!In this book, you will learn everything about bath bombs and how to make your own natural and organic products at home. We will walk you through your experimentation process with our easy-to-follow steps that will get you started right away!

In this book, you will:

Discover the joy and benefits of using bath bombsLearn the basic equipment you will need to get started.Find out which ingredients are safe to use in your bath bomb recipes.Understand what elements are suitable for each skin type.Learn about the different kinds of bath bombs you can create at home.Decide on how your end product will look by learning to store, package, and label finished products.

With this book with you as the ultimate guide, you’ll be making your own bath bomb products in no time.

So click the “add to cart” button and embark on a magical bath journey like no other!