Author: Pip Paisley

Category: Fantasy

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Trixie D’Vita didn’t scythe. That was Mom’s gig.Then the Angel Investigative Bureau (AIB) turned up at Aunt Harry’s bar. Seemed the hottest afterlife gameshow in the Mystical Realms was misappropriating newly-departed souls. And Death was a person of interest. When the AIB can’t find Death, they come looking for Trixie, Death’s estranged daughter.Soon Trixie's best friend is in dire peril. An AIB trainee is traipsing towards trouble. And Trixie, armed with nothing but a pocket-scythe, is plunging headfirst into the gaping maw of a trans-dimensional vortex. So not the evening she’d planned.Skittle-colored demons. Werewolf drag queens. Hellhound-doodle puppies. Lots of scythe. All in this rollicking, whimsical, empowering adventure."...a winning combination that will surely have fans eagerly awaiting a sequel.



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