Author: Nigel Cawthorne

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Real-life accounts of harrowing abductions and resilient survivors from the author of Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell and the Palace.True stories of twisted criminals who hold their victims in endless captivity to satisfy their perverse desires, Against Their Will is a comprehensive compendium of the most disturbing kidnappings of all time.Jaycee Lee Dugard—lived to tell the tale of her eighteen years of captivity in paroled rapist Phillip Garrido’s suburban backyardElizabeth Smart—bravely held on for nine long months in a forced marriage to religious fanatic Brian David Mitchell, who repeatedly raped her in the name of GodElisabeth Fritzl—amazingly overcame twenty-four years trapped in a basement dungeon built especially for her by her father, JosefColleen Stan—heroically endured seven years as a sex slave, brutally tortured with the full consent of her captor’s wifeTina Marie Risico—escaped certain death at the hands of a killer by being an unwilling accomplice in other kidnappings“Not for the faint of heart.” —Series & TV