Author: Warren Hately

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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Five years after the Rise of the Furies, the walking dead are dying out.

Bites don’t infect . . . but anyone who dies, turns.

No one knows why it happened. A pandemic? Coronavirus? And no one ever will.

Skilled outdoorsman Tom Vanicek wants a future for the two children he’s protected so fiercely through five years of living hell.

When rumors reach them about reconstruction efforts in the decaying ruins of Columbus, Ohio, the family make the dangerous overland trek for the chance to begin again.

But political alliances, secret factions, doomsday cultists, and other ruthless survivors mean life in a broken city of more than 60,000 traumatized and desperate souls may prove even more dangerous than surviving in the wild.

“The freshest take on the genre in years – and without losing anything cool” – advanced reader review

“Like Game of Thrones in the zombie apocalypse” – advanced reader review

Fans of The Walking Dead and George A Romero will love After the Apocalypse because it’s a fresh new take on the zompoc genre looking at the struggles to rebuild society when daily life can turn deadly any moment.

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