Author: Terri Tatchell

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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What baby pangolin wants to stay indoors being safe all the time? Not this one!

Pangopup is convinced he is old enough to leave his burrow and explore the great big world outside. When his mother disagrees, the naughty pup waits for her to fall asleep and sneaks away. Outside, he meets a mischievous dik dik who is eager to show him some fun. However, dik dik’s idea of fun isn’t necessarily pangolin proof and Pangopup finds himself in more and more danger as their explorations of the African landscape take them further from his burrow.

“There was a little PANGOLIN whose name was Pangopup. He rode upon his mother’s tail and dreamt of growing up. He practiced all his pango ways to keep him safe and sound, yet mother wouldn't let them leave, their burrow in the ground. ”